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Our Customized Training Courses are:

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Workshop
  • Project Risk Management for Professionals
  • Media & Communication Risk Management
  • Pension Fund Risk Management
  • Taxation Risk Management; A Financial Manipulation Perspective
  • Aviation Risk Management. A Preventive Strategic Approach.
  • Public Sector Risk Management. The 3G Angle.
  • Insurance Risk Management. What you need to Know!
  • Union & Negotiation Risk Management. A Win-Win Perspective.
  • Manufacturing Risk Management. What you need to know.
  • Telecommunication Risk Management. A Strategic Solution Based Approach.
  • Legislative Risk Management. A Good Governance Perspective.
  • Banking and Finance Operational Risk Management
  • Securities Instrument & Capital Market Risk Management.
  • Governance & Strategic Risk Management.
  • HR (Human Resources) Emerging Risk Management.
  • Marketing Risk Management. A Bottom Line Perspective.
  • Hospitality & Hotel Risk Management. A Leakage Prevention Perspective
  • ​Manufacturing Fraud Prevention. A Proactive Control Approach.
  • Insurance Fraud. A Proactive Preventive Approach.
  • Securities & Capital Market Fraud. A strategic Solution Preventive Approach.
  • Oil & Gas Fraud Management. A strategic Control Approach.
  • Pension Fund Fraud. A preventive Approach.
  • Public Sector Waste, Fraud and Abuse Prevention Workshop.
  • Banking & Finance Fraud. Catch me if you can!
  • Sales & Revenue Fraud. A Profit Leakage Prevention Approach.
  • Procurement Fraud. A Proactive Preventive Approach.
  • Salary & Payroll Fraud. A Control Gap perspective.
  • Legislature Fraud. A Budget & Appropriation Perspective.
  • Legal & Judiciary Fraud. A Legal Manipulation Perspective.
  • Local Government Waste, Fraud & Abuse Prevention.
  • Tax Fraud. Catch me if you can! A Revenue Loss Approach.
  • Fraud Examiner Master Class. A Fraud Prevention Approach.
  • Hospitality & Hotel Fraud Risk Management. A Preventive Approach.
  • Financial Statement Fraud. Gaming The Numbers? Catch me if you can!
  • ​Integrated Risk Based Auditing Best Practices. What all Auditors need to know! and Many More.

Our Consultancy Services are:

​GRC Assurance:

  • SOX 404 IT, Operational & Financial Controls Testing
  • Control Gap Risk Miigation & Remediation Testing
  • Fraud Risk Prevention & Control Implementation
  • COSO Internal Control Framework Implementation
  • GRC Implementation & Management
  • Fraud & Forensic Investigation & Reporting

GRC Consulting:

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Review & Implementation
  • Operational Risk Assessment, Process Review & Improvement
  • Whistle-Blower/Ethic Holine Management
  • Workforce Right-Size & Transition Management
  • Merger or Acquisition Risk & Control Management.
  • Strategic & Structural Change/Shift Management

Internal Audit Assurance

  • Financial & Operational Audit Assurance.
  • Forensic Investigation & Fraud Audit
  • Asset & Inventory Audit 
  • Merger Or Acquisition Due Diligence Audit
  • IPPF (International Professional Practice Framework) Audit - Auditing The Auditors for Value Ads
  • ​Internal Control Rationalization & Optimization Audit Review

​​Internal Audit Consulting:

  • Internal Control/Risk Mapping Remediation
  • Internal Control GAP/Risk Exposure Mitigation
  • Internal Control & Business Process Improvement Review
  • COSO Internal Control Framework Implementation
  • Fraud Risk Assessment & Control Mapping Review
  • ​Financial & Operational Risk Assessment Review

​​IT System Solutions:

  • IT System Internal Audit Assurance
  • IT System Vulnerability & Penetration Testing Assurance
  • IT System Business Continuity Compliance Assurance
  • IT COBIT Framework Implementation
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery Management
  • IT System Data Back-up & Storage Management.