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Our Customized Training Courses

  •   ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Workshop 

  • Project Risk Management for Professionals

  • Media & Communication Risk Management

  • Pension Fund Risk Management

  • Taxation Risk Management; A Financial Manipulation Perspective

  • Aviation Risk Management. A Preventive Strategic Approach.

  • Public Sector Risk Management. The 3G Angle.

  • Insurance Risk Management. What you need to Know!

  • Union & Negotiation Risk Management. A Win-Win Perspective.

  • Manufacturing Risk Management. What you need to know.

  • Telecommunication Risk Management. A Strategic Solution Based Approach.

  • Legislative Risk Management. A Good Governance Perspective.

  • Banking and Finance Operational Risk Management

  • Securities Instrument & Capital Market Risk Management.

  • Governance & Strategic Risk Management.

  • HR (Human Resources) Emerging Risk Management.

  • Marketing Risk Management. A Bottom Line Perspective.

  • Hospitality & Hotel Risk Management. A Leakage Prevention Perspective


Resource Result gladly offers customized training courses to you and your employees with content tailored specifically to your needs. Together and in advance, we determine the level of knowledge of your training course participants so learning content and objectives can be adapted to your needs. You and your employees will learn exactly what is needed for your everyday operation.

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  • Manufacturing Fraud Prevention. A Proactive Control Approach.

  • Insurance Fraud. A Proactive Preventive Approach.

  • Securities & Capital Market Fraud. A strategic Solution Preventive Approach.

  • Oil & Gas Fraud Management. A strategic Control Approach.

  • Pension Fund Fraud. A preventive Approach.

  • Public Sector Waste, Fraud and Abuse Prevention Workshop.

  • Banking & Finance Fraud. Catch me if you can!

  • Sales & Revenue Fraud. A Profit Leakage Prevention Approach.

  • Procurement Fraud. A Proactive Preventive Approach.

  • Salary & Payroll Fraud. A Control Gap perspective.

  • Legislature Fraud. A Budget & Appropriation Perspective.

  • Legal & Judiciary Fraud. A Legal Manipulation Perspective.

  • Local Government Waste, Fraud & Abuse Prevention.

  • Tax Fraud. Catch me if you can! A Revenue Loss Approach.

  • Fraud Examiner Master Class. A Fraud Prevention Approach.

  • Hospitality & Hotel Fraud Risk Management. A Preventive Approach.

  • Financial Statement Fraud. Gaming The Numbers? Catch me if you can! 

  • ​Integrated Risk Based Auditing Best Practices. What all Auditors need to know! and Many More.