​​​​​​​​ Our Corporate Mission
​To Provide Value-Added GRC Training, Consulting, and Internal Audit Assurance Services with Immediate Impact.

​Resource Result  VCP
Our Vision

To become industry knowledge leader on GRC Consulting, Training & Internal Audit Assurance in Africa.

Our Culture

Value-Added Insight, Due Diligence, Client Satisfaction, Innovation & Customization.

Our Philosophies​

Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Sustainability, Relationship & Trust.


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​GRC Consulting​

GRC Consulting Services specializes in ERM (Enterprise risk management) Reviews & implementation, Operational Risk Assessment process review & improvement, Whistle Blower/Ethics Hotline Management, Workforce Right-size & Transition Management, Merger or Acquistion Risk & Control Management, Strategical & Structural Change/Shift Management.

Internal Audit Assurance

An objective examination of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment on governance, risk management, and control processes for the organization. Examples may include financial, performance, compliance, system security, and due diligence engagements.

​​​Resource Result Limited​​

The only 4 X 4 consulting firm that prevents you from risk calamities and gets you out when in one. Resource Result is headquartered in the U.S.A. Established in 2010 by a team of professionals abroad with the goal of leveraging their global experience in Africa and beyond. The love and passion for knowledge transfer has been the driving force behind Resource Result. The firm's professional members are from countries across the globe including Canada, U.S.A, Europe, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Asia and Africa. The firm’s faculty members have at least 10-20 years of industry experience in IT Risk Management, Fraud Risk Management, Controls & Compliance Reviews, Customized GRC Training, Project Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Financial & Operational Audit, Accounting, Money and Financial Management.

Resource Result Limited is a registered consultancy firm with foot prints in 4 continents around the globe, situated in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The firm was established in August 2010, with its main activity being provision of GRC Training and Business Consultancy services.

"If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business"

Gary Cohn

GRC Assurance

GRC is an acronym for Governance, Risk and Compliance. The G stands for governance. Simply put, this means taking care of business and making sure that things are done according to the standards, rules and regulations in the environment in which the business operates. It also means outlining clearly your expectations of what should be done, so that everyone knows how your company is run.​

Customized Training Courses

Resource Result gladly offers customized training courses to you and your employees with content tailored specifically to your needs. Together and in advance, we determine the level of knowledge of your training course participants so learning content and objectives can be adapted to your needs. You and your employees will learn exactly what is needed for your everyday operation.

​Our Services Includes:

IT System Solutions

In a fast-moving, constantly changing global economy opportunities wait for no one. Agility, speed and flexibility are essential in getting operations up and running fast following the launch of new products or services, acquiring or merging companies, entering new markets or geographic expansion. 

Internal Audit Consulting

Advisory and related client service activities, the nature and scope of which are agreed with the client, are intended to add value and improve an organization’s governance, risk management, and control processes without the internal auditor assuming management responsibility. Examples include counsel, advice, facilitation, and training.


​​​​​A LEADING GLOBAL FIRM IN GRC (gOVERNANCE, risk, CONTROLS & COMPLIANCE) consulting, training and internal audit assurance